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They were a hard-working family that wanted to make an
honest living for themselves and their future generations; yet, for the Aplin
family, their desire to live out the American Dream was anything but times of
happiness. In the new book, Prey for the Enemy, author Annie Aplin recounts the
tragic saga to befall her family when they took part in the seafood industry in
small town, Seadrift, Texas. After a tornado devastated the family farm in
Georgia, the Aplins and their eight children decided to enter the seafood
industry in Florida.
Noticing the seafood market was better in Texas, the family
moved to Seadrift and saw their investment in the market thrive. That is until
they dealt with the massive influx of Vietnamese fisherman after the fall of
Saigon. Tensions continued as the family noticed, and even caught, the
fisherman stealing out of the family's traps, but the struggle took a fatal turn
when six fishermen shot and killed Annie's brother, Billy Joe, after he
confronted them about their threatening actions toward the family. Six months
later, after even more threats were sent to the family, Annie's sister and
brother-in-law, Josie and Dale, turned up missing and were later found dead.
One would think that such clear, malicious actions would be properly punished
by the government, but the Aplin family found the opposite happen, as the local
government said there was nothing they could do and the media portrayed their
story with lies and deceit.
Prey for the Enemy is Annie's call to action to the
government and American citizens everywhere that what happened forty-one years
ago, in 1979, shouldn't continue to happen today. Yet it still does, and Annie
still fights for justice and change to happen for immigration laws and
regulations so her family didn't die in vain.

Author Photo

Born in
Georgia, now living in the Mountains of California. I'm the mother of two
children and 12 beautiful grandchildren. I worked in the commercial seafood
industry plus served as a self- supported Texas State lobbyist for that
industry. I was called to preach at the age of Thirty Seven. I later attended
Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Texas. I've served as Radio Host
for  "God's Best" radio program. Also in children, youth, choir,
street, jail and prison ministry. I was a co-minister at an addictive recovery
and mental illness hospital. Founder and pastor of Church For All Nation,
International Mission Training Center: I served in Cuba, Venezuela, China, Haiti,
Jamaica, currently working with Liberia in West Africa. I helped co-found the
first Hawaii Tea Party and the The Minute Patriots. President Thomas Jefferson
and I share a common ancestral Grandfather from Pilgrim Ship "The
Swam." I have Cherokee in grandparents on both sides of my family. My
Roots run deep. I believe in Faith, Family, and Freedom.

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