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Step Your Game Up by Roger Love

Step Your Game Up

With 5 Simple Daily Routine Sale Exercises That Will Strengthen Your Selling Skills An Automotive Sales Guide to Success

by Roger Love

Pages: 64

Dimensions: 5 x 7

  • EDUCATION - Teaching Methods & Materials - General
  • SELF-HELP - Personal Growth - Success

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781631298462

Price : $10.99

Buying a car is something that can be either a meaningful experience in getting a quality vehicle or a nightmare that will be forever etched in a customer’s mind. Many of the unsatisfied buying experiences are due to the lack of training. It’s also no wonder car dealerships have an eighty percent turnover rate for salespeople according to a Cox Automotive Study.
Roger Love is here to change the way salespeople sell cars. Roger has spent nearly two decades in the Automotive Industry and know how to teach the basics to salespeople. Having clarity and understanding of communication skills is what Roger truly believes gives a customer a great buying experience.
In this booklet, Roger Love offers insight and wisdom from his years in the car business throughout each segment  Inside this booklet you will find statistical proof of why it so important to build a solid foundation in your sales career through knowledge, presentation skills along with listening skills that will ensure you to fulfill a customer’s needs.
Having started his career out as a salesman who worked his way up to Sales Manager and to operating a Honda Dealership at one point, has allowed Roger to gain so much knowledge. Knowledge that he wishes to share with potential new and veteran salespeople . Much be encompassed with his five key strategies that will strengthen selling skills.
Readers will also enjoy read the real-life stories Roger shares about his time in the car business and how his desire to helped others to achieve success in their automotive selling careers. The desire drove Roger so much that he and his wife Tosha started Roger Love Speaks a training and personal development company.
What shines the most in this booklet is the accurate insights that are given on the car business and how new salespeople can use this for leverage and become successful in the business. Roger inspires salespeople to be knowledgeable and confident in what they are doing because the public loves a confident, enthusiastic salesperson. When a salesperson becomes confident in their strategy on how to sell cars, the customer buying experience becomes even greater. Which will develop great CSI and lots of happy customers to add to a dealership’s buyer experience.

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A NADA Academy graduate, former General Manager and School Teacher, Roger Love has been working, speaking and training in the Automotive industry for two decades. During that time Roger has dedicated his life developing Champions in dealerships throughout the country by becoming a “ A Student of the Business.” “Top 25 Urban Role Model” by Urban Family Magazine, Teacher of The Year and Coach of The Year are just a few accolades that Roger has achieved. The one area that Roger has excelled the most in, is Leadership Management.

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