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Seven Pillars of Discipleship by Dr. Terren L. Dames

Seven Pillars of Discipleship

Pillar 2 The Church and Its Doctrines

by Dr. Terren L. Dames

Pages: 246

Dimensions: 8 x 10

  • RELIGION - Christian Church - General
  • RELIGION - Biblical Studies - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781631299902

Price : $19.99

The present book is the second book in a seven book series entitled “The Seven Pillars of Discipleship.” This particular book is based on the church and its doctrines. What is it that we believe and why. It is designed to provoke growth through probing questions in regard to the Scriptures. The concept behind the book grew from a desire to see the people of God grow in regard to their salvation. The church has always been a burden on my heart. Why is it that believers today don’t seem to have a similar passion as those of the first century church? How is it that the church has so easily capitulated to the philosophies of this world? Why is the holiness of God, righteousness, repentance and judgment no longer part of the church’s DNA? Of course I am speaking very generally for the most part. But that is why this book was written. Though it is written in the form of a bible study, the goal is to ask questions to lead one to think in regards to God’s righteous standards and man’s lowly state.

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Dr. Terren L. Dames was born in Nassau, Bahamas, has been married to his one wife Stacy for 20 years with four Children. Dr. Dames presently serves as senior pastor and elder at North Dallas Community Bible Fellowship in Plano Texas. He has an earned PhD from the University of North Texas in comparative higher education and cognate in Christian higher education, a Th.M. from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in practical theology, a MA from Dallas Theological Seminary in Christian Education and a BA from the College of Biblical Studies in Leadership. Dr. Dames is passionate about the word of God and His people.

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