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Living in the Light by Gloria Hartman

Living in the Light

by Gloria Hartman

Pages: 246

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • FICTION - Christian - Contemporary
  • FICTION - Religious
  • FICTION - Christian - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781632211194

Price : $16.99

This book, LIVING IN THE LIGHT, is the sequel to my first fiction book, FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT. If you haven’t read the first one, I suggest you read it first. This is a story about a lady in an unreached people group in the world who goes out of her hut at night, stares up at the stars, and is certain that ‘Someone had to put them there’. She finally speaks outloud to Whoever it is and opens her heart to know this ‘SOMEONE’. This second book is about what happens to her, her family and her tribe after their encounter with the ‘SOMEONE’, ALMIGHTY GOD. This is an eye-opening experience concerning the people of the world who live in isolation from the rest of the world – and what happens when ‘GOD’ comes in. In this sequel, the experience of this woman and her husband accepting Jesus as their Savior, and submitting their lives to ALMIGHTY GOD, is illuminating to what GOD can and desires to do in all our lives. I suggest that you have an open heart as you read about these people and comprehend what the Lord shows them. Perhaps He can use you to actually help others by telling them about this book - maybe even sharing your book with them. That may be what God is calling you to do. May you ‘LIVE IN THE LIGHT’ through the rest of your life!!

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GLORIA HARTMAN was in the pastoral ministry with her husband for many years and has been involved in teaching and preaching the Word of God. She had her own radio teaching program on a Christian station called, “Girl Talk,” and ended up speaking throughout that area. Since her husband’s homegoing, she has been writing the books which had been on her heart for a long time. They are “Journey in Grace,” “Choosing for a Change,” Coming Out of the Cocoon,” and “From Darkness to Light,” (her first fiction). “Living in the Light” is a sequel to that one.

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