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Predators and The Pulpit by Odessa Moton

Predators and The Pulpit

by Odessa Moton

Pages: 120

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Family
  • RELIGION - Christian Church - Administration
  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Abuse - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781632218209

Price : $13.49

 Look around us; it’s an epidemic in and out of the church. The world itself has lost its way, degradation in the workplace, in our school nowhere seems safe. There was a time you can find safety in the church, but now even there,you have to be genuinely connected and watchful.
There seems to be only one place for those that are power-hungry can seem to rise to power quite quickly in today’s sub-culture of the church. No one is even testing the fruit to see what real source they are. Certain things should not even be named amongst us. Crimes are being committed with our eyes wide shut. The people of God must sound the alarm, blow the trumpet, wake out of sleep, and stop pretending these things are not happening, becoming partakers of the problem and not the solution. (1 Thessalonians 5:5–6)
This book is a clarion call for righteousness and holy living in leadership and all the body, keeping the body of Christ from declining any further by taking away the true testimony of Jesus Christ and those who will walk worthy of the vocation wherewith they are called.

Author Photo

 Odessa Moton is the Co-pastor of the Oasis of Hope PCOG in the great city of Milwaukee, WI. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Religious Arts and a doctorate in Ministerial Studies. Still, she will say her best training was the school of the Holy Spirit and the school of hard knocks. Dr. Moton is the chairwoman of the women’s division of the Anointed Word Assemblies, founder of the Women of the Prophetic Word Conference in 1997, and the School of Prophets in 2014. She has been married to Bishop E.L Moton for overthirty-four years. They have five children and fifteen grandchildren

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