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A Gardener's Compendium Volume 3 Gardening with the Senses by Teresa Watkins

A Gardener's Compendium Volume 3 Gardening with the Senses

Gardening in a Twitter World in 140 Characters or More

by Teresa Watkins

Pages: 260

Dimensions: 7 x 10

  • GARDENING - General
  • GARDENING - Flowers - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662805363

Price : $29.99

Gardening with the Senses is the third book in A Gardener’s Compendium series by horticulturist and landscape designer, Teresa Watkins. A Gardener’s Compendium is a garden nirvana of botanical and gardening anecdotes, poems, quotes, stories, and trivia, provides context and original sources. Volume 3 - Gardening with the Sense’s collection includes all of the five senses, scent, sight, sound, taste, and touch, along with common sense, and the sense of well-being. Divided into distinct chapters with easy-to-find indexes, Teresa’s research brings facts, whimsy, wit, and history, to garden devotees, book lovers, and writers looking for a lovely afternoon of reading, or that perfect sentiment or poem to pen in a card, letter, or article.
How many senses can you name? Teresa Watkins discovers them all through great authors, poets, historians and just wonderful gardeners. In Volume 3 – Gardening with the Senses she adds one more, Gardening with Sage or common sense sure to be a favorite. Experience anew the amazing world of plants as they stimulate the senses of scent, touch, sight, sound, and taste. Rediscover how the senses were perceived over hundreds of years fresh from the garden.
~ Tom MacCubbin, Best-selling garden author, radio, television, and newspaper
Florida Month-by-Month Gardening Guide (Cool Springs Press 2014)
In A Gardener’s Compendium - Gardening with the Senses Teresa Watkins explores centuries of experiences of life intertwined with nature. This is an ideal break from the everyday and is a delightful book that you will want to keep nearby as a creative muse.
~ Brie Arthur, Best-selling author and horticulturist,
The Foodscape Revolution (St. Lynn’s Press, 2017)
The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses.
Hanna Rion Van Beck (1875 – 1924)
English painter and children books’ illustrator  
Let’s Make A Flower Garden (1912)
#England #health #rejuvenation

Teresa Watkins is a well-known Florida landscape designer and garden author. In the last 20 years, more than 37,000 homeowners have attended Teresa’s landscaping talks and programs. Topics range from the ABC’s of landscaping, design style, themed gardens, to xeriscaping, with Teresa’s humor grabbing her audience’s attention with easily understood landscaping principles. She instills an appreciation for the environment — with her “gardening with soul” philosophy — while encouraging everyone that they can have a beautiful yet sustainable, low-maintenance yard.

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