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Stop Going to Church!...and BE the Church. by L.R. Williams

Stop Going to Church!...and BE the Church.

Do the highly entertaining, exciting, and comfortable Mega-churches of this day bear any resemblance to that original Church in Jerusalem?

by L.R. Williams

Pages: 252

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Church - History
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Stewardship & Giving

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662805448

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Is there any chance that you may be feeling just as I did a few years ago? There was just something that didn’t feel quite right about the manner in which the evangelical community was “doing” church. I was beginning to feel very uncomfortable with the seemingly
ever-increasing quest for more and more entertaining worship techniques. In my opinion, the grandiose buildings associated with the ever-growing mega-churches, the showmanship, charismatic pastors, and well-polished praise bands didn’t seem to be representative of Christ’s original commands to His Disciples. I began a personal quest to find the truth concerning my apprehension. Here is what I found.
Less than 70 years after Christ’s return to Heaven, He sent a message through His Apostle and friend, John, back to seven key bodies of believers in Asia. In just this short amount of time, five of them had gone off-course. The message was short and sweet. All five received stern reproof, even though they were still “doing” church; unfortunately their way…not His. Wake up! Repent! Go back and do what you did at first, or I will disavow your claim as a representative of Me! We are now nearly 2000 years later. I wonder what His message would be to the key churches of our day. My fear is that unfortunately it would be quite similar.
What did Jesus mean when He warned that they were to go back and “do what they did at first?” Obviously He was referring to the first church in Jerusalem. This book attempts to biblically examine the manner in which they operated, and see if there may be any resemblance to today’s model. Journey with us back in time as we make that comparison together. Buckle in…it is a tough journey!

L.R.Williams begun his personal relationship with Jesus Christ at age 29, and pastored his first traditional non-denominational church by age 35. After being prompted by the Holy Spirit to deeply examine contemporary church structure, as compared to the first church in Jerusalem, he found he could no longer “do” church as usual. Thus, Seekers was formed as a home-church outreach modeled solely upon the operation of that fledgling church in Acts. Pastor Williams is blessed to be a husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather; with a vision of assisting church leaders to also consider this type ministry.

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