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Esther by Alice K. Rawlings


A Personal Account for women only

by Alice K. Rawlings

Pages: 156

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • RELIGION - Biblical Studies - General
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Women's Issues
  • RELIGION - Biblical Studies - Old Testament

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662806223

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The Book of Esther (an orphan raised by a male cousin) has haunted me from the time I first taught it as a Bible Study! It was not at all like I thought. How could this happen to a Godly teenager who had been taught scripture nightly by her cousin? Twenty years later and having taught it from 8 different sources I continued to want to find answers! Sometimes there is nothing one can do to solve an issue but dig deeper into the story - learn more about the times and the Jewish life style. Thus, I began my search! Young women then were expected to learn household chores, how to cook, perhaps plant a garden, sell items in the marketplace, be faithful to attend the synagogue, and obey their parents. Mordecai, her cousin, would have trained her more like a son! Nightly he would have shared God’s word! As he worked at the King’s gate, except for days of worship, she would have played a bigger part at her age in fulfilling the chores of a wife/mother. Once a young girl began her period (per Leviticus 15:19-23) however, things changed. It was then time to look at marriage. At the same time in their lives the King has sent soldiers all over his kingdom to find him a wife. Mordecai would have instantly known this as it would have been interesting talk at the gate where he worked. However, I don’t believe he thought it would affect him! We see in scripture that Esther knew of him often counting his coins in the evenings and thought he was planning her dowry.

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Alice K. Rawlings is an experienced Bible teacher and speaker. Her goal in life has been to equip ladies to be Christ-centered and vocal about it! She serves as the Women’s Bible Study teacher at Christ’s Community Church where her husband, Scott, has ministered for the past 50 years! They are the parents of 5 adult children – one, now the teaching pastor and one grandson the youth minister at CCC. Besides their ministry at CCC they are very active in Uganda having built a baby rescue mission, and help fund two orphanages. Two adult orphans are now earning their master’s degrees here to return home to teach and preach.

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