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One Body by Terry Warren

One Body

God's Desire For The Church is Unity! The Greatest Weapon The Church has to Defeat the Devil

by Terry Warren

Pages: 158

Dimensions: 6 x 9

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Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662807626

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The Bible says many things about unity and I believe that the greatest weapon that the Church has to defeat the devil is unity. However on the other hand the greatest tool the devil has to defeat the Church is to create division. This understanding did not come from my knowledge, but by revelation of the Holy Spirit.
The purpose of this book is to create an awareness through the truth that is in the Bible, to help the Church and the body of Christ be victorious not only corporately but individually as well.
I believe that many of our rights as Christians have been taken away from us,
for example prayer in the schools, the ten commandments on the wall of public buildings, the murder of unborn children and the right to call sin exactly what it is sin from the pulpit. Because special interest groups have come together as one, being united with no division and are being successful with accomplishing their goals.
It is my hope that Christians will realize that if we come together as one body,
set aside denominational differences, doctrine differences, ethnic differences and cultural differences that we can control what happens in governments, reinstate morals and values into our societies, communities and families and bring back the Godly principals that made America great and other cultures around the world.
We are under the greatest attack that we have been under as Christians, our rights and freedoms to worship our God is in jeopardy. If there was ever a time in history to come together as one body it is now.

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Dr. Terry Warren is currently the founder and senior Pastor of Olive Press International Ministries based in Palm Springs, California, a non-denominational, multicultural church. Since 1990, Dr. Warren has traveled to Europe and several countries in Africa to share the gospel and do humanitarian work, including South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Ghana as well as others.

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