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Unmasking the Truth about That Day! by Cathy R. Howe

Unmasking the Truth about That Day!

A thought-provoking and scriptural examination of the most difficult and controversial topics in the book of Revelation.

by Cathy R. Howe

Pages: 286

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - Biblical Commentary - New Testament - Revelation
  • RELIGION - Biblical Criticism & Interpretation - New Testament
  • RELIGION - Biblical Studies - New Testament

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662810039

Price : $17.99

This book is a passionate call to fellow believers to prepare for the Church’s final hour. God’s faithful saints need unshakable faith and “lamps full of oil” to get through “a long, dark night” before the bridegroom comes. It’s almost prophetic midnight, and Christians have starring roles in the Revelation of Jesus Christ! According to Jesus’ parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins, half of those anticipating the bridegroom’s rescue made inadequate preparations. This is a warning for us, the Church! We’re all waiting for His return and rescue, but only half of us are truly prepared for the dark and difficult night! Genuine belief is strongly connected to preparation.
This book answers important questions, such as: Will Christians be deceived into taking the mark of the beast? Is the United States in the Bible? Is there an early harvest, secret rapture of the Church before the Coming of the Lord?
This book may be a strong wake-up call, and a bit unsettling for some Christians. Hopefully, any fear or controversy created will bring the reader into positions of repentance, revival, and readiness for all that God has in store, to usher in the new heaven and earth!

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Cathy holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Western Michigan University and served as an educator in the public schools for thirty-seven years. She served as a mentor and small-group teacher in the faith-based prison population of Polk Correctional Institution in Florida for 12 years. She volunteered as a facilitator for Family Integrity Training to the inmates at PCI, and served as a volunteer mentor at the Polk County Jail as well. Cathy, with her husband Bill, has participated in the ministry of the Christian Motorcyclists Association for the past 15 years. She enjoys studying the Bible and biblical commentaries.

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