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Tiffany Tiffany Book 3 by Tiffany Knox

Tiffany Tiffany Book 3

Tears of A Broken Heart

by Tiffany Knox

Pages: 74

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION - Social Themes - Pregnancy
  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION - Religious - Christian - Social Issues
  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION - Social Themes - Dating & Sex

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662813641

Price : $10.99

Type : Hardcover

ISBN : 9781662813658

Price : $19.99

After the loss of her sister to AIDS, young Tiffany’s life begins to spiral out of control. She loses her job, falls out with her father, and struggles to make the best decisions for herself and her infant son, Jon Jon.
Caught in the unbearable grip of grief, desperate for an escape from her harsh reality, Tiffany makes a series of choices that will change her life forever. From a night out that ends in a wreck, to an impulsive bus ride out of the state, to a traumatic night at a hotel that will scar Tiffany and her companion, Candace, for the rest of their lives, there is no shortage of trouble as the girls continue their journey without a guide.
Grappling all the while with her responsibilities as a mother, her own immaturity, and pressure from all sides to do the right thing, Tiffany’s true journey is one that will ultimately lead her closer to the One who can truly make sense of it all: God Himself.
Will Tiffany learn to make better decisions for her future? Will she and her son make it through the series of obstacles lined up ahead of them? Brimming with vibrant characters, harrowing challenges, and gripping emotional dilemmas, Tears of a Broken Heart will answer all these questions and more.

Author Photo

Tiffany Knox (T.K) is the founder of Tiffany Tiffany Inspiration and Motivational Services (TTIMS). Her mission is to inspire and motivate others through the Tiffany Tiffany Series, sharing her own experiences from teenager years to adulthood in the fictional short story format. Tiffany Tiffany has a symbolic meaning, which means body and spirit. T. K hopes that in reading her experiences others will realize the importance of being aware of your spirit and how powerful it is and taking care of not only your body but also your spirit.

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