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WAiTiNG by Scott Allan Troske


by Scott Allan Troske

Pages: 166

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • RELIGION - Christian Living - Personal Memoirs
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Inspirational
  • BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY - Criminals & Outlaws

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662814433

Price : $15.49

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I was raised Catholic. Dad left at around the age of eight. Started to to rebel at the age of thirteen. Began playing Punk Rock music shortly after and became famous locally. Got addicted to alcohol and drugs. Was born again in my mid-thirties. Then went to prison. My fiancé (at the time) took her life while I was locked up which caused me to almost leave the faith!
Needless to say, I stuck with Christ. I am now happily married with 2 kids and 3 grandkids. I am the Founder and Senior Pastor of an outreach ministry called “Lunch with The Bible & Friends” that feeds and teaches people on the streets about the Bible. I am also the Founder and Senior Pastor of One Accord Crusades International which travels the world preaching the gospel to underserved communities.
Amen & Amen
Pastor Scott Troske

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