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Lick Your Mouth - Island Cooking by Beatrice (Bea) Fowler

Lick Your Mouth - Island Cooking

by Beatrice (Bea) Fowler

Pages: 226

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • COOKING - Courses & Dishes - General
  • COOKING - Regional & Ethnic - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662814457

Price : $25.49

It was culturally expected that every girl should know how to cook. It was an expected prerequisite to being able to serve your family in the future.
It is rather amazing, how this cultural influence upon the author have ignited a creation of rhythmic taste bud delights. So, if your taste buds are bored, or if you have been infected with the ‘urge to cook’ virus, this compilation of recipes will be an effective antidote. Dive into it as often as needed. Unshackle your creative imagination. Turn up the heat. Applaud the waltz of the ingredients. Smile and ‘chill’ with family and friends as you ‘lick your mouth’ with the savory creations of your hand.

Author Photo

She is the eldest of her mother’s three children.
From the earliest of age, it was obvious that God had blessed her in the area of the ‘arts’. She is as energetic and busy as a bee; sings like an angel; performed in ballets; designer of wedding invitations; stared in a television show; creator of educational display boards; trained educator; a librarian; sketch artist; a wife worthy of praise and a phenomenal mother.
Today, we see her debut performance (Lick Your Mouth – Island Cooking) as an emerging and formidable author from the ‘baby boomer’ era.

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