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A Touchstone of Impact by Steve Eatmon

A Touchstone of Impact

The Life of Linda Eatmon-Jones

by Steve Eatmon

Pages: 148

Dimensions: 6 x 9


Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662814839

Price : $17.99

Losing a parent is never easy—especially not when they’ve left such a lasting impact on not only their children, but the entire communities to which they belonged. Thankfully, though, for those left behind, it is often those very communities that stand up to soften the blow.
Amid the pain of his mother’s departure, author Stephen Eatmon has managed to find encouragement in his mother’s legacy from the scores of loved ones who also shared in her joy. Brimming with detailed biographies, relevant history, and numerous testimonies and tributes submitted by relatives and family friends who loved his mother dearly, A Touchstone of Impact: The Life of Linda Eatmon Jones is a moving and intimate love letter to one remarkable woman, assembled by those whom she touched most profoundly in life.
For anyone interested in the power of love, of community, of a child’s devotion to a parent, and of the miraculous God who brings it all together, the friends and family of the late Linda Eatmon Jones invite you in—to read about this treasured individual, and to partake in spreading her legacy even further.

Author Photo

Steve Eatmon from Olney, MD enjoys spending time with family, traveling and watching football This book is about the death of his beloved mother, a force in the community. This book had to be written and people who contributed to this book needed a chance to express their heartfelt condolences and the way she affected them.

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