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An Audience of One by Zachary Wayne Lavender

An Audience of One

The Seriousness of Worship

by Zachary Wayne Lavender

Pages: 140

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Rituals & Practice - Worship & Liturgy
  • RELIGION - Christian Rituals & Practice - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662816932

Price : $14.49

When we speak or hear the word “worship” we immediately relate the word to spiritual, religious, or Biblical connotations. We would be correct. The Bible is the only foundational teaching that gives us proof, truth, understanding, revelation, and knowledge regarding worship. For many years I thought I knew the meaning of worship. I even thought I had all the answers and why God created worship. It wasn’t until COVID-19 invaded the earth, I began to understand that God wants us to worship Him according to His Word and not man’s word!
An Audience of One is a book, given to me by the Holy Spirit to have us exhaustively examine our worship toward Him. I was seven years old when my parents introduced me to the church and worship. I am fifty-nine years old and there are times I don’t understand worship nor do I understand what God desires of my worship. When I walked away from man’s opinions, ideas, and interpretations of what we call worship, I was able to understand that God wants us to worship Him according to His Spirit and His Truth!
We’re living in evil, uncertain, and perilous times. Diseases, famines, devastations, and all sorts of destructions are plaguing the earth. God is speaking and we’re not listening nor are we responding. This is all due to our lack, deficient, incorrect, and unbiblical “worship.” We can no longer afford to execute worship according to our opinions. There’s a book filled with God’s desires concerning how we must worship Him. It’s time we open it, read it, study it, and apply it, the way God commands. In Spirit and in Truth!

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Born in Monroe, Louisiana and after migrating to Chicago, Illinois, Zachary began his musical journey at the tender age of ten. Zachary’s training was provided by some of Chicago’s finest in the disciplines of choral, church, and vocal music. He has had extensive training in voice pedagogy at Roosevelt University’s Chicago Musical College under the guidance of Robert Long and Ruth Ann Bishop.
Currently, Zachary is the President and CEO of Sanctuary of Refuge and Set Apart, Fresh Start founded in 2018. This organization and support ministry works with individuals who desire to be set free of homosexuality and live according to God’s holy Word. As a self-publisher, Zachary has leveraged his work across the country into music departments of various sizes and chorus makeup. He is also the author of “Victim of Circumstance,” published in June 2018, and his latest publication, “In 5 Days which describes his journey of dialysis and the path to his kidney transplantation.

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