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Let the Light Guide You by Dennis Johnson

Let the Light Guide You

Dennis Johnson from Death to Life

by Dennis Johnson

Pages: 138

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

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Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662817762

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Tossed to and fro in a sea of dysfunctional living throughout the years, it has taken almost a lifetime for me to find direction. As a toddler I began learning to deal with the everyday challenges of confusion and abuse. With no one to lead me, I naively followed the obvious broad paths to destruction. Regardless of the challenge in the battles and trials I faced, they shaped my purpose and direction in life. The hardships were not wasted; the pains had purpose.
I believed I had a reputation of toughness to uphold which included alcohol and drug abuse. I walked through fire regardless of the fuel. Because of the decisions of my immature, ignorant, and willful self, I should have been maimed for life or even killed. I have been raised from the dead three times. This gradually caused me to realize there was a Power much greater than me with a purpose I would eventually realize.
If it had not been for the effectual, fervent prayers of my wife and the body of Christ who relentlessly prayed for me, I might still be a source of grave concern today. Each of my family members, blood and step-, eventually came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. If God never does another thing for me, I know He has already used my life to bring others to Him.

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Raymond Dennis Johnson is a 62 year old Georgia boy. He was born in Rockhill, South Carolina and raised in Georgia since he moved here when he was a toddler. He is father to two sons, Denny and Juston. Dennis’ hobbies include doing mechanical work on small engines and vehicles. He loves to fish in ponds, creeks or the river.
Dennis is married to his grade school sweetheart, Tracy Hubbard Johnson. In 2021, they celebrated 39 years of marriage! Dennis lived his life in and out of trouble with the law, raised in supper clubs, and knew nothing but alcohol. For him, this was a normal way of life. As Dennis grew and begin to raise his own family, he was often hindered by years and years of being ashamed and rejected as well as being an alcoholic at an early age.
As you venture through the pages of this book, you will see that today, Dennis is living for and serving his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This is a true life journey from life to death!!

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