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Pages: 364

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • FICTION - Christian - General
  • FICTION - Religious

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662818608

Price : $20.49

Dan Podowski and Bonny Ferger have run away because their hidden love was unacceptable to her father and Dan’s friends. Dan’s goal was to be a motorcycle racer while Bonny’s goal was to be with someone who truly loves her. After breaking his leg, Dan takes a job as a mechanic with three-time National Champion, Clyde Bergermann. After a season of speedway motorcycle racing, Dan decides he is ready run for the National Championship, and Bonny supports him with total dedication to their love. Dan's Achilles Heel is that he has little experience in road racing which he must learn if he is to be National Champion. Bonny learns there is a hierarchy in the Harley Davidson racing team with the racer’s women. Bonny’s position is determined by Dan's position on the team. Being around these women, Bonny learns what she needs to be, someone who can back her man, be a wife and also a mother. Bonny becomes distraught when she finds out that Dan may still love his old girlfriend, Yvonne. Will Dan finally achieve his dream as a National Champion, and will Bonny find the love and happiness she has been searching for?

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Robert Topolse goal in life was to become a writer. In high school he wrote several adventure love stories. It was his way of experiencing his goals in life. In his senior year of high school, his father told him he was going to college to become an engineer. Respecting his father’s desires, he went to the University of Missouri at Rolla to become a Mechanical Engineer. It was in Rolla that his story writing ended. Upon graduation he went to work at Boeing in Renton, Washington. He didn’t need to write anymore because he was living his adventures. During his working career he climbed mountains, flew gliders, took up skiing and scuba diving. His desire for adventure led him to become an Aircraft Contract Engineer. During long periods of unemployment, he subsidized his income buy Dredging for Gold in California, Mining Sapphires in Montana, Opal in Australia etc. He also learned to cut gemstones and make jewelry whereby he opened up a Gem and Mineral business in Virginia City, Nevada.

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