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WHO IS GOD? by James Hoffman


and what does He want with me?

by James Hoffman

Pages: 418

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Theology - Apologetics
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662820182

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Who is God? is a spiritual exploration of the nature of God as it relates to biblical support. It is not this authors attempt to suppose to know completely who God is, but what becomes consistently confirmed through primary evidence of the Holy Spirit" living within the chosen servants of God, the power of prayer and unrehearsed or collaborated testimonies, an transforming power of real, tangible change, healing and stature, inside and out. The concluding results will undeniably show God as both real and directly relevant with regard to the criticality of salvation and peace-filled, purposeful life here and now.
Just noting a few of the characteristics (of God), we concluded that God is Love, in that before (and in spite of) our sinful nature, which He knew, He loved us..First. God is peace, God is truth, God is Sovereign, God is faithful, involved and so much more. Imagine living your life every day not being consumed by stress, worry and fear, not being a slave to any and every adversity. We see quite the opposite in succession actually. God knew we were all going to suffer setbacks and physical and emotional hardships of every level. And He knew we were not going to be able to handle them..alone. That's why he appointed an antidote named Jesus. The peace of Jesus frees us from being burdened or buried by any of life's troubles, because we know each outcome. By His faithful attribute, our faith in Him arises and confidence stomps out fear. The facts we unfold in this book depict clearly what God is interjecting progressively, personally, profoundly, systematically and conclusively for every aspect of our life, now and for the day we go home to Him, because as hard as it is living within the tangles of life here, without Him, it's far greater a blow fading away, unsure of what comes next. Look at the faces of those in passing. Many are not just labored in expression by the physical pain they suffer. They will even admit, "I don't want to die." Ezekiel 38:23, (NIV)

James Hoffman is a 58 year old father of six, married to Marissa Hoffman, saved and restored by the grace and power of Jesus Christ since 2004. Loves family, everything outdoors, music, art, card collecting, and feeding my spirit through the priceless benefits of prayer, fellowship, studying and dwelling in the word of God. Fields of service include street and youth ministry, celebrate recovery coach, senior group Bible study teacher, and worship member.

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