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DELIVERANCE IN CRISIS by Teacher, Amanda Welch



by Teacher, Amanda Welch

Pages: 306

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Social Issues
  • RELIGION - Christian Living - Personal Memoirs

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662821882

Price : $31.49

Amanda encourages and equips individuals. Strengthening their faith while conquering crises. Helping others seek God’s presence instead of rejecting His love and deliverance. To open hearts to be fully known by God. Helping people answer the call to rise up higher, come closer and grow deeper in Christ. Helping them establish intimacy, reliance, achieve freedom, transformation, and power to thrive through any painful wilderness experiences. Truly walking by faith and not by sight!
Despite fatherlessness, racism, hatred, single parenting, homelessness, unemployment, and surgeries, Amanda persevered through obstacles and reached her aspirations. She always believes the best is possible and yet to come with God! Amanda is inspired to have an impact on society and be a world influencer!
Amanda utilizes biblical examples throughout present events combined with personal testimonies woven together. She steers us from creation, crises, and to the birth of a nation depicting God’s amazing unmistakable, faithful, delivering Mighty hand, and saving grace from the clutches of the enemies grip of bondage and death. God is strategic and involved with His creation. Life isn’t random problems, but Divine Interventions. God prepared an eternal promised land, future glory for His beloved’s! In the midst of tragedy and grief, we can trust the God of deliverance!

Amanda Simmons was born in Columbia, MS, raised in Berwick, PA, and lived in Atlanta, GA. She married Irving Welch, a blended family with four sons. Amanda is a Black legally blind licensed and ordained minister. A Christian educator and counselor. This is her first published book, others to follow, Half Truths & Chosen. She is Owner of a new organization, Close to the Brokenhearted. She is passionate about Christ, all life, and justice. She exposes lies we believe, and replaces them with biblical truth. Leisurely, she loves worshipping, parasailing, jet-skiing, and playing games.

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