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Pages: 302

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Education - General
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth
  • RELIGION - Christian Ministry - Discipleship

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662822131

Price : $18.99

Through a profound book of spiritual and biblical teaching, the author explores how believers can discover and pursue their potential in Jesus Christ to be powerful members of the kingdom of God. With scriptural insight, wisdom for Christian living, and encouragement for those seeking transformation in Christ, Transformation Company: Power to Become the Change Agent You Were Positioned to Be inspires readers to be transformed by the love of God.
At the beginning of the book, the author opens with an effective, informative preface that grabs the reader's attention and captivates the reader with wonderful imagery and an inspiring message. This preface beautifully shares with the reader the importance of vision, and the author’s illustration of what can be seen within a seed is profoundly impactful.
Throughout the book, the author provides the reader with a powerful explanation of the kingdom of God, as well as a unique, profound perspective of the believer's role in the kingdom. The author expounds upon this explanation and perspective with wonderful biblical teaching and Christ-centered understanding, allowing the reader to truly grasp his or her role within the kingdom of God.
From start to finish, the author effectively balances strong biblical teaching with practical wisdom that the reader can apply to his or her spiritual walk. The truth from Scripture shared within the book is coupled with fantastic guidance that helps the reader understand the applicable nature of this biblical teaching.

Uche Ezechim is a Kingdom ambassador, pioneer, motivational speaker, consultant, and multi-gifted mentor of mentors. She has earned post graduate degrees from York University, Toronto Canada. As a certified and experienced educator with extraordinary passion to positively impact the Education sector, she has established a number of initiatives. Working closely with colleagues, associates, stakeholders; harnessing their strengths, attributes, and growth opportunities to appropriately empower everyone to be a part of the big picture in a way that will be meaningful to them.
At the Institute of Discipleship and Transformation, the author coaches and inspires active followers of Christ to become leaders, leaders to become agents of change through mentorship and personal development programs. Uche is a trailblazer with great apostolic unction and grace, who disciples and raises leaders across the nations. Her ultimate desire is to extend the blueprint of what a transformed person, marriage, family, professional, business, nation, Kingdom and globe look like. She serves as a Wailing Women Worldwide American Continental Coordinator with strong prophetic and administrative gifts. She lives in Toronto Canada with her husband and their “Olive Shoots.

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