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Christian Fundamentalism in America: by David Beale

Christian Fundamentalism in America:

The Story of the Rest from 1857 to 2020

by David Beale

Pages: 632

Dimensions: 6.14 x 9.21

  • RELIGION - Christian Church - History
  • HISTORY - United States - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662824814

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ISBN : 9781662824821

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“Christian Fundamentalism in America: The Story of the Rest from 1857 to 2020” is a fascinating account of the Christian Fundamentalist movement in America. The first section unfolds the story of great men and women who were song writers, Christian businessmen, great scholars, and much more, who experienced great Prayer Meeting Revivals, Prophetic Bible Conferences, the first Scofield Reference Bible, the famous 12-volume set, known as The Fundamentals, and finally the World’s Christian Fundamentals Association of 1919. The Grace Brethren story transitions into the turbulent twenties between Fundamentalism and Modernists. For another section, beginning in the 1920s, the author dug far beyond the surface to bring to us the “story of the rest” within the Presbyterian and Baptist denominations struggling between truth and error. The reader will learn what really happened secretly when Des Moines University was shut down by riotous students and everything got out of hand. The reader follows down pathways of well-researched aspects of the fascinating Dr. J. Frank Norris and life trials. In the detailed story of Billy Graham, John R. Rice, Bob Jones Sr., and Bob Jones Jr. the reader will discover how the lines of separation were drawn. Most importantly, however, the author knows without doubt that a true Fundamentalist: (1) believes and defends the whole Bible as the absolute, inerrant, and authoritative Word of God; (2) seeks fully to obey His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and (3) desires to reach out in sacrificial love and compassion to all people. By far, most in this “story of the rest” are godly believers who will bring joy for each of us.

Author Photo

David Beale taught courses on Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism for some thirty years at Bob Jones University and Seminary. In 1986, he wrote a book (now out of print) titled In Pursuit of Purity. Our new book, Christian Fundamentalism in America, replaces the old, out-of-date one. He has written several other books, including Historical Theology In-depth (2 vols.); Baptist History in England and America; A Pictorial History of Our English Bible; and The Mayflower Pilgrims. For teaching History of Fundamentalism, Beale created an enormous set of lectures with photos on PowerPoint. David and his wife Mary enjoy their local church. Since Dr. Beale retired from the classroom in 2010, he has taught and preached in schools and churches. He can be contacted at 2 Plum Orchard Ct. Simpsonville, SC 29681

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