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Anonymous Minor Characters in the Johannine Narrative by Nathan Hahn

Anonymous Minor Characters in the Johannine Narrative

The Christological and Doxological Significance of the Characterization in John 4, 5, and 9

by Nathan Hahn

Pages: 252

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In his thesis, titled “Christological and doxological significance of the anonymous minor characters in John 4, 5, and 9”, Hahn examines the anonymous minor characters in John’s gospel through so called “narrative-social-cultural-historical” approach or “narratological exegesis.” It explores the characterization of these anonymous minor characters in John 4, 5, and 9 clearly show the author’s Christological and doxological point of view. After a brief survey of the past and present research in the characterization of the Johannine narrative in Chapter 1, he set out the methodology and procedure for the thesis in Chapter 2 and 3. An exegesis of the Prologue of John’s gospel is included given the importance of ascertaining the author’s theological point of view which he includes in the opening of the gospel. The subsequent analysis of anonymous minor characters in John 4, 5, and 9 using the “narrative-social-cultural-historical approach” allows for an exploration of the Christological and doxological significance that can be found in the narrator’s characterization of these minor characters. His thesis of the anonymous minor characters in John’s gospel only makes a contribution to the study of characterization in John, but also to the theological message the narrator wants to impart. These minor characters incorporate what maybe can be seen as the main theological point of John’s gospel.

Author Photo

Nathan Hahn was born and raised in South Korea. At the age of 25 he came to the United States to pursue a Ph.D. in Engineering. However, while he was studying for his Master’s degree in Operations Research at George Washington University God had other plans and called him to be a pastor. So after he received a M.S. degree at GWU he studied at Dallas Theological Seminary and obtained a Master of Theology degree in New Testament Studies. Upon graduation from DTS, he was ordained as a pastor within the Korea Presbyterian Church denomination - meanwhile commencing studies at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia for a Ph.D. in New Testament Hermeneutics. Hahn placed his Ph.D. studies on hold after two years because he planted a Korean-American church in Columbia, Maryland. His church started with only one other family 27 years ago, and this is where he continues to serve as the senior pastor. Currently his church has more than 300 members. Hahn has also taught at Chesapeake Reformed Theological Seminary and the Korea Theological Seminary in America. He will be awarded his Ph.D. from the University of Pretoria in April 2022 as his dissertation is finalized.
He has a beautiful wife, Lisa, two daughters, Joy and Faith, and a son, Timothy.  He also has two grandchildren, Jameson and Jayla, by Joy and her husband Jesse.

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