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CONVICTIONS by Ed Kenerson


24 Life Transforming Beliefs For Believers In Jesus Christ

by Ed Kenerson

Pages: 360

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662826924

Price : $20.49

Trying to understand how God’s Spirit moves within us in the process of sanctification is very difficult at best. However, most people believe that we have three essential functionalities that God has created within each of us, which we consciously and unconsciously rely upon to live our lives. These functionalities are perspective (mind), passion (desires and emotions), and purpose (decisive choice and intention). It seems that God’s Spirit, if we are believers, works to keep this sequential order in line with his will. He rarely chooses to take complete control of us, for he wants us to obey him with heart felt love and responsible choice. When our “inner person” is functioning correctly, we are living in faith and obedience to the Lord Jesus. Functioning correctly means that we are driven by our spiritual convictions, those which find their source in the Word of God and are whispered (sometimes shouted!) into our soul by God’s Spirit. This book is all about finding, building and holding on to these critical convictions that the Spirit is working to establish within our minds and hearts. I’ve listed only 24 of them, but there are many more. These, however, are key foundational convictions, which, if consistently maintained, will bring great success to our spiritual walk with Jesus Christ. I hope you enjoy them, and with God’s empowerment, I know they will help us all to embrace God’s love in a profoundly practical and life changing way.

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Ed Kenerson attended Gordon College (B.A. Psychology) and Gordon Conwell Seminary (Masters of Religious Education) and has over 10 years experience in Christian Education and Youth Ministry. At present, he manages his own training and communications business called Steps To Success, delivering multi-media presentations to businesses in areas of career management, customer service, and other important areas of professional development. In addition, he serves area churches through his teaching ministry, “Faith Factory Construction Co.” Ed is married to Kathy with two children (Bob and Kerri) and ten grandchildren - Ethan, Hailey, Garret, Skylar, Meadow, Marin, Sawyer, Delaney, Carly and Joey.

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