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The Vicious Circle by Kerwin McLaughlin

The Vicious Circle

by Kerwin McLaughlin

Pages: 366

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • FICTION - Action & Adventure
  • FICTION - Crime
  • FICTION - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662832406

Price : $20.49

This book will be available to purchase on
December 11, 2021.

By day, Edward Gennaro is a wealthy financier and his daughter Rainbow is a famous socialite influencer. At night, they finance their lifestyle by robbing drug dealers, stealing from cartels, shaking down crime lords and sabotaging corporate competitors.
He becomes so powerful that he catches the eyes of the inner circle that runs the country and he’s invited to join. To do this, he needs cash so he enlists his daughter for one last heist to steal a priceless diamond. It turns out to be a trap and the building explodes sending him spiraling down an elevator shaft to his death.
Then he awakes, buried alive, in a strange forest full of misery and death. He fights through horrors until he sees The Way Station Hotel- the last stop before going to Hell for all eternity. There he meets his guide Virgil and he interacts with some of the world’s most infamous people who are guests at this hotel. They enlist him to lead a revolt against “The Big Guy”- Satan himself.
Edward has to escape from hell to go save his daughter and the world. But the only way to save the world is by destroying it.

Kerwin McLaughlin is a screenwriter and performer living in Southern California. This is his second novel. His first, “Jerusalem, NJ” takes biblical stories and sets them in today’s world. It’s currently being optioned as a mini-series to a streaming service.
Like many of you, the author of this book, Kerwin McLaughlin watches the news and sees stories about rich elites, politicians and entertainers doing unspeakable things and wonders to himself, “How are they getting away with that? Are their supernatural forces guiding and protecting them?”
Which then begs the question, “Do they understand there’s a hell and they are going to it?”
This book is my way of answering that. So, if you like action movies and superheroes and political thrillers but are sick of the anti-Christian slant in them then this book is for you. Enjoy!
Don’t feel guilty! Not every Christian book has to be boring!

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