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A Walk in the Water with the Word by Susan Powell

A Walk in the Water with the Word

by Susan Powell

Pages: 168

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • POETRY - Subjects & Themes - Inspirational & Religious
  • POETRY - Subjects & Themes - Nature
  • POETRY - Women Authors

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662832642

Price : $20.49

About three years ago, I noticed the Holy Spirit was speaking to me often in short poetic thoughts that inspired me to write poems. I have not always enjoyed the genre, so it was something of a surprise means of communication.
He has a great sense of humor, our Holy Spirit, and loves word plays, new takes on thinks, (yes, “thinks”), apart from my natural understandings; thinks like, “Dance with the One Who brung ya’,” (Jesus), which make me laugh.
Once I had promised to pray Ephesisans 3:20 at 3:20 am, with some friends in another city. I awoke at 4:20 am, and apologized to the Spirit for a promise not kept. I believe I heard,” Don’t worry, you’re on Mountain Time.” I live in the Central Time Zone.
Inside messages, scripture is also hidden. I get to mine treasures, polish them. They make my “ears tingle,” and my heart “burn.” He encouraged me to continue with a shared word:
“ Unbury the bones. Let the Flesh and Blood come upon them. The dead in Christ will rise.” Ezekiel 37:14,15 Tree of Life Version says, “ I will put My Ruach [Holy Spirit] in you and you will will know that I, Adonai, have spoken, and that I have done it.”

Author Photo

Susan Powell is a former educator who has lived and worked in Texas most of her life. At 74, she is a first time author.
“As a Christian, I am on a wonderful journey with Jesus, directed by the Holy Spirit.
The Spirit’s “Word Songs’ come to me quickly, and basic ideas are short, to the point. Because I find these invaluable jewels inside, I know they are of Spirit and Truth. They speak the Word only, simply and clearly.”

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