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Taking God to School by Alison Adams

Taking God to School

Practicing your faith all day, every day

by Alison Adams

Pages: 40

Dimensions: 11 x 8.5

  • JUVENILE NONFICTION - School & Education
  • JUVENILE NONFICTION - Social Topics - Values & Virtues

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662848407

Price : $25.99

“Taking God to School” is a work of bold heart and pure faith. Written in simple text and illustrated by the author in pictures in the style of classroom “Writer’s Workshop” drawings, it presents children’s rights to practice their faith and beliefs throughout the day- especially at school! Separation of Church and State has been quoted and used inaccurately to discourage and at times prohibit families and students from demonstrating their faith and their rights to freedom of religion. Children can say grace, privately pray, include God and Jesus in their writing, bring and read their Bibles at school! In a world in need of bringing faith back into homes and schools, may this book help educate teachers, families and students while spreading God’s glorious love as He walks with you through each moment of every day!

Author Photo

Alison Adams is a passionate child of God and an experienced elementary education and early childhood teacher. In her over 25 years of teaching, she taught in private, charter and public-school settings. In her classrooms she has always demonstrated her faith and love of Christ openly and lovingly by her living example and through songs, stories, service projects and the inclusion of all families and students’ values, beliefs and traditions. She proudly served as the sponsor of a student-led faith and Bible study group- F.I.S.H. (F-faith, I-inspiration, S-service, H-hope) - the only club of its kind in the area. She has been a champion and supporter of student and families’ religious rights and freedom and worked to change school and district policies to support them. She now lives happily on a 10-acre farm in Keene, NH with her husband, chickens and dogs which she counts among her many blessings.

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