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Faith-Full 31 Day Devotional and Journal by Tamisa S Lundy

Faith-Full 31 Day Devotional and Journal

Filling up on the Word of God

by Tamisa S Lundy

Pages: 142

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • BIBLES - English Standard Version - Devotional
  • SELF-HELP - Journaling
  • RELIGION - Devotional

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662849312

Price : $14.49

In order to get through the disappointments, trials, and tribulations that you will face in life, you will need faith. You must keep believing despite what you see, don’t see, hear, or experience; but in order to have strong abiding faith, you must feed on the Word of God daily; just like your vehicle needs fuel or energy to get you where you need to go, your spirit needs to be fed in order to have the faith to persevere when life gets hard. This devotional is designed to encourage you to spend at least 31 days in the Word. You don’t necessarily have to read and record in the devotional journal every day; if you miss or skip a day, that is fine, just as long as you make it to the end.

Tamisa Lundy is an author, activist, and Christian YouTube blogger. She was born and raised in Portal, Georgia; lived briefly in Phoenix, Arizona and currently resides in Brunswick, Georgia. On her YouTube channel, Minutes With Misa, she shares words of encouragement and biblical inspired lessons that promotes spiritual growth and enrichment. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies and Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling from Liberty University in Lynchburg VA. She is currently in the process of birthing Sister’s Keep-her, a non-profit that empowers, helps, promote, and supports women who have been victimized, imprisoned, abused, overlooked, and rejected, built upon the foundation of Matthew 25: 34-40.

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