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Tales Of Availia by J.J Wetherton

Tales Of Availia

The Adventure Begins

by J.J Wetherton

Pages: 272

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION - Action & Adventure - General
  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION - Fantasy - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662850042

Price : $17.49

Nyx, a young magus, struggles with his magic, fitting in and gaining his father’s approval. As he waits for his determinate, the coming of age ceremony, he continues to feel trapped behind the wall of petrified trees. When he comes of age, he will finally know what job will best suit him. He eventually meets with the high magus Ogden, and learns of his determinate. Upset with the news, Nyx runs to the petrified forest for comfort. When his father Navarii retrieves him from the forest, he tells Nyx of his plan of Dreamscape. Navarii’s goal is to tell Nyx about his mother using the magus’ magic. Navarii hopes this will convince him the world outside is too dangerous for him. However, when Nyx learns his father has been keeping secrets from him, Nyx decides it is finally time for him to leave the valley forever, even if leaving means the return of an ancient evil. Before Nyx can go, he feels compelled to hear the Tales of Availia.

J.J Wetherton was born in Baltimore, Maryland, the youngest of a family of four. Graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. Crediting Mother and College English professor with being instrumental in the passion J.J has for writing.

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