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Prisoner of War by Shane Lee

Prisoner of War

by Shane Lee

Pages: 592

Dimensions: 5 x 7

  • FICTION - War & Military
  • FICTION - Historical - General
  • FICTION - Christian - Historical

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662859953

Price : $28.99

In the dying days of the Second World War, Hans battled furiously against the Americans as the Western Allies rolled German forces back across Europe into the Fatherland itself. The young German officer believed that fighting for Hitler was the only way to protect his country and countrymen from a repeat of their humiliating surrender in the Great War.

And his best chance to take revenge on those who had killed his comrades.
But when Hitler commits suicide, his world shatters.
All German forces are ordered to the east to hold back the raging Soviets and let the Western Allies through. With the merciless Red Army before him, bent on destruction, and the Americans behind him, cutting off any retreat, Hans is confronted with an agonizing dilemma: Surrender to the hated Americans, or die.
Based on the winning entry of the Spring 2021 Christian Writers Award Writing Contest by the same author, POW tells the story of one soldier’s desperate journey from war to peace in his soul.

Shane Lee is the grateful husband of one wife, proud father of two children, and bemused owner of three fish tanks. He served as an officer in his country’s Armed Forces, commanding an infantry platoon before moving on to a medical career. When problems with addiction brought him low, in desperation, he turned back to the God he learned about in his youth but rejected, with results that surprised him and surprise him still.

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