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We're Going the Wrong Way! by Steven S. Nelson

We're Going the Wrong Way!

Race Relations in America

by Steven S. Nelson

Pages: 84

Dimensions: 5 x 7

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Social Issues
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE - Ethnic Studies - African American Studies
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE - Ethnic Studies - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662860577

Price : $12.49

Not everything in life is as clear as black and white. And, when it comes to racial relations in America, “black and white” has been anything but clear.

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In author Steven S. Nelson’s We’re Going the Wrong Way! Race Relations in America, readers get much-needed clarity and an active guide to begin fixing our backwards racial regression, so we, as a country and people, can correct our course and move in the direction of progress once more. 
Growing up Caucasian in Memphis, Tennessee in the 60s, Nelson was immersed in black culture from the beginning -- living, working, and sharing his close personal life with the surrounding black community, family, and friends. He lived to see a time of many “firsts” for black people, as well as cultural shifts and progress made regarding relations between black and white communities, and as a country. The author now sees much of that progress threatened by our country’s current cultural belief system designed to create conflict and friction.
Nelson’s illuminating and unifying book tackles tough questions and big issues between strained black and white relations in America. It directly faces and opposes the current narrative of distrust and dysfunction, clearly defining why our current direction is the wrong way. The second part of the book gives readers a new, accurate road map on how to find the right road back to positive racial results. 
Though our black and white past may be troubled, we all face pressing, current issues that create a common need and bond for us to overcome, a bond by which we can learn and grow to see real progress and healing for the entire country.

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