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Miracles Still Exist

by Renée S Lewis

Pages: 56

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Living - Personal Memoirs
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Inspirational
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Prayer

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662871177

Price : $10.99

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disorder that affects the central nervous system. The immune system begins attacking the myelin sheath that surrounds nerve fibers, demyelinating them and causing nerve damage to the brain and spinal cord, and this often leaves the body fatigued and unable to perform certain functions. Though this disease is considered a rarity, those who are diagnosed with MS often suffer painful and debilitating symptoms. Renee Lewis was no exception.
After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of twenty-five, Lewis embarked on arduous journey toward relief. For seventeen years, she worked with doctors, seeking conventional treatment amidst her suffering, but it was not until her last MS exacerbation that she said to God, “I cannot live like this anymore. Show me another way,” to which God said, “I cannot heal what you cannot reveal.” Lewis quickly began researching alternative medicine, taking a faith-based and holistic approach to healing, and soon, she found herself on the road to overcoming her disease.
In Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis, Renee Lewis gives her testimony as an overcomer to encourage others suffering through illnesses of their own. Her Christian background helped her stay grounded in her faith to believe for a miracle despite her lifelong struggle with multiple sclerosis. Above all, she emboldens readers to put their health first and to trust God, as He always knows what’s best even when we feel nothing makes sense.

Author Photo

Renée S Lewis was born and raised in Bronx, New York. She grew up in a Christian household with both parents and her four sisters. Her Christian background helped her stay grounded to her faith to believe for a miracle despite her lifelong struggle with Multiple Sclerosis. 
Renée is a loving daughter, sister and auntie. She is also a faithful member of ALCC. Renée is an innovator and self starter of the New Age Laboratory Consultant Company. In 2001, Renée received a BA in Biology. In 2006, she received a BS in Health Service. In 2016, she graduated from Mercy College with a MPA in Health Services Management. Renée is dedicated and compassionate to wanting to help people. Her vision and passion are to help others overcome through her testimony. 

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