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The Tithe Uncovered by Dirk M. Evans

The Tithe Uncovered

Why Christians are not Obligated to pay Tithes

by Dirk M. Evans

Pages: 136

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Hebrews 7:5: KJV “And verily they that are of the sons of Levi, who receive the office of the priesthood, have a commandment to take tithes of the people according to the law...”
The book of Hebrews yields a crystal-clear admonishment to Hebraic believers of Jesus Christ who were falling back into the practices of the Mosaic Law.
It is also one of the most pivotal passages written in the New Covenant, which uncovers the truth concerning the commandment for ancient Israel to pay tithes to the Levitical priesthood according to the law.
Hebrew 7:5 details to whom the mandated tithes had to be paid, why, and the qualifying character of the recipients. I welcome you to discover facts supporting the mandate of paying tithes was not written to believers of Jesus Christ of the New Testament.
Dirk M. Evans
Author, The Tithe Uncovered

Author Photo

July 1986, Evans confessed Jesus Christ as Lord! Immediately following his confession, he was baptized in Christ’s infinite name. During the first year of his conversion, he embraced his commission for evangelical ministry. Evans began learning and spearheading various outreach efforts, which include street meetings, hospital visitations, and biblical substance abuse counseling, etc.   
During a period of independent study and consecration, Evans also served in the pastoral function for the residents of Luther Haven Convalescent Facility. October 1, 1995, Evans was officially ordained for Christian ministry.
Evans remains a servant of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, independently researching and applying sound biblical truths yielded from solid exegetical, historical, and hermeneutical resources. “I continue in the Savior’s grace,” says Evans. 

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