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In the Beginning — A Consideration of Genesis by Stephen D. Sears

In the Beginning — A Consideration of Genesis

by Stephen D. Sears

Pages: 328

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Biblical Criticism & Interpretation - Old Testament
  • RELIGION - Biblical Studies - Old Testament
  • RELIGION - Biblical Commentary - Old Testament

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662873294

Price : $19.99

In the beginning…
This short phrase speaks volumes to those who hear it. These are the three powerful words that start the Bible, and introduce all of time and creation. They imply fresh starts, histories, and stories, of which the Bible is filled.
In author Stephen D. Sears’s In the Beginning — A Consideration of Genesis, readers are taken on a transformative journey back to the astounding start of it all, including time itself. These pages provide refreshing, new perspective and interpretation on everything in Genesis — including the big stories, but also the book’s minor characters and “smaller” stories too. Most importantly, Sears examines the ever-present, all-important God-human relationship, shedding new light on who we are in relation to God’s great plan and will for us. Sears takes a deep dive into Genesis, a book where it is not hard to find things that bother or challenge us, and cause us to reflect on our human nature. The characters do peculiar or ungodly things. There is a lot about families, and these families are usually in deep conflict.
First begun as a passion project inspired by the author’s re-visitation of Genesis in adulthood, this book is designed to interest readers of all the largest religions, and for any general reader simply interested in knowing the Bible better. The author’s hope is that readers will be inspired to go back and read the huge, undiscovered land that is the book of Genesis for themselves, and experience it in all its glory!
Steve was born and raised in Maryland. He attended Antioch College, where he received a BA in Sociology. While there, he had co-op jobs in Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Boston, Rochester NY, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Hialeah Fla. His work career has centered on jobs as an orderly in nursing homes; a child care worker and supervisor for pre-adolescent and early adolescent boys; and for 30 years as a supervisor for a program supporting physically disabled adults living in their own apartments. Raised a Presbyterian, he currently attends 2 churches but is a member of none. Now retired, he lives in Hyde Park Massachusetts with his wife Natalie and their cat Fred. This is his first book.

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