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No Scars in Heaven by R.A. Basset

No Scars in Heaven

A family's 1000-year commitment to God

by R.A. Basset

Pages: 172

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • FICTION - Christian - Suspense
  • HISTORY - Military - Medieval
  • RELIGION - Christian Church - History

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662874772

Price : $20.49

No Scars in Heaven is the story of one family’s 1000-year journey living and defending Christianity. From being a participant in the first crusade to recapture the Holy city of Jerusalem in the middle east in 1099 to the creation of the Knights Templar in 1114. This family took an oath to serve God that spans generations to the present. When the treasure of Solomon is found and threatened the family takes action to save it with the help of Native Americans, Archangels, and a 13-year-old boy and his dog.
This is a story of family, morals, love, faith, friendship, history, courage, devotion, and mystery.

Born in the small rural town of Berea Ohio in 1950, R.A. Basset’s early years were mostly solitary. His favorite companions were his set of figures of Knights of the Round Table. He learned from a young age about their Code of Honor. This led to his being a part of the Scouting program for 23 years working to instill the importance of the Scout Laws and Oath in young men.
He was schooled in Ohio and joined the USAF as an OSI Special Agent during the Vietnam Conflict. Upon his discharge, he went into sales for various companies with great success. In 1994 while a member of his Chamber of Commerce he saw a need. He started a publishing business with the launch of a non-profit newspaper called “The Volunteer” whose mission was to support other local non-profits by publishing their current events along with related news and editorials some of which were picked up by national papers.
He has always believed from a very young age in the importance of God in our lives and the values that give meaning and worth to one’s life. It is this belief and stories from his family’s history that led him to write “No Scars in Heaven” and is currently working on his next book, a biblical romance.

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