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What About Your Life? by Mike Dunham

What About Your Life?

by Mike Dunham

Pages: 58

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - General
  • HISTORY - Modern - 20th Century
  • BIBLES - King James Version - Journaling

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662879777

Price : $12.49

This book is a true story about an unknown woman’s thoughts about her life as she neared death from a terminal disease. The woman and her friend had written these thoughts from her journal, and placed them inside a bottle, which was released into the Gulf of Mexico. The message contained regrets about her life, and things she would have done differently. The message caused this writer to stop and reflect on his life. To consider my life, and where my soul would spend eternity. To take a closer look at my life, and thank God for how he blessed and protected me. The book also details how the history of the Bible, and some American history come together in every Americans life. This author urges each reader to review their life and make sure to secure their heavenly home.

Author Photo

Hello, my name is Mike Dunham, I come from a small Appalachian town in Southern Ohio right on the border of Northern Kentucky with the Ohio River separating the states.  I was blessed early on with a loving family, who had small-town Christian values.  I began my law enforcement career in this small town at age 21.  Although I left this department I continued my career as an officer with the Railroad Police.  I traveled to many large Midwest cities doing investigations.  I was able to meet people from all walks of life.  I worked on special details like the  Kentucky Derby.  During my journey through life I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior.  The best deal ever.  After retiring to Florida, I found this message in a bottle on the beach that inspired me to write this book. I’m a humble first-time author.  Thanks.

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