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The Business of Evangelism by Dr. David F. Felsburg, PhD

The Business of Evangelism


by Dr. David F. Felsburg, PhD

Pages: 234

Dimensions: 6 x 9

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  • RELIGION - Christian Church - Growth
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth

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ISBN : 9781662880759

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The Business of Evangelism Revisited is the capstone volume of six books and a PhD dissertation on the topic of outreach, evangelism and church growth. It establishes the paradigm shift of understanding evangelism as a miraculous work of God’s self-revelation supported by humankind rather than a work initiated and executed by them. God accomplishes His miracle through His General Revelation of God (Romans 1:18-20) and His Specific Revelation of Christ (Revelation 3:20).
Doctor Felsburg began the series by publishing the 20-week series of lesson plans he used to teach evangelism for nearly 40 years. The book is Talkin’ About Christ – Over the Back Fence (2010) which contains 10-weeks of basic evangelism training followed by 6 weeks of prospect behavioral analysis and 4 weeks of organizing small groups to become big. The texts he published to support those classes are How God Gets You Back (2010), Profiling the Prospect (2011) and Making the Little Much (2012). These books are supported by two books which facilitate rapid church growth through church organization and transitional ministerial staffing. Those books are Inside the Church (2013) and Bivocational: Today’s Tent Making Ministers (2018).
The Business of Evangelism Revisited summarizes these, documents their specific contributions to the body of knowledge for outreach, evangelism and church growth, and offers solutions for the phenomena of frustration and attrition among Christian evangelists proven through his doctoral dissertation.

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Dr. David F. Felsburg, Ph.D., continues his series on outreach, evangelism, and church growth with this seventh installment, The Business of Evangelism Revisited. He holds engineering degrees at the bachelor’s and master’s levels, a seminary diploma, and a PhD in organizational behavior and management. He has had careers in the military, government systems design, executive management, and entrepreneurial leadership of four companies, along with a forty-year, bivocational, pastoral ministry. He currently lives in Central Florida.

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