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The Heart Of Milton by Milton Joseph Batson

The Heart Of Milton

Patriots Needed To Save The American Way Of Life

by Milton Joseph Batson

Pages: 144

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - American Government - General
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - General
  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - Religion, Politics & State

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662881466

Price : $17.99

Type : Hardcover

ISBN : 9781662881473

Price : $28.99

Milton Joseph Batson has been writing poetry and prose since childhood. His philosophical approach adds an in-depth and thought provoking aspect to his works, providing a unique experience for his readers, drawn from the author’s ongoing life voyage. The author’s expressive, profound, and thought provoking words encompass a long successful life, steeped in an impressive variety of personal experiences from childhood to maturity through to his current eighty four years of age. The real life experiences Batson relays in his writings include many of the twists and turns we all face in this confused and darkening world. As a result, the reader can sense the reality and wisdom brought forth after close to a century of learning and comprehending the most important features in life. These aspects can be observed throughout this third book in his series, “The Heart Of Milton, Patriots Needed To Save The American Way Of Life.” The author’s writings and poetry encompass the notable feature of including sound workable solutions to many difficult negative issues our citizenry and nation are currently facing today if we simply exercise the intent of our nations Constitution, with its Rule Of Law.
The book is divided into five very serious and informative sections, four of which discuss solutions to the current severe governmental breakdown occurring across America today, breakdowns severely exacerbating unprecedented confusion within our citizenry. The last section illustrates how loving parental guidance, mentoring, education, and love of Almighty God can lead to a lifetime of striving for excellence, providing an abundance of satisfaction when striving to achieve one’s best. The sections are entitled, “What Is America All About?, What to Do, Destructive Trends, Positive Endeavors Are Needed,” and finally “About The Author.”

Author Photo

Milton Joseph Batson
Throughout Batson’s civilian and military careers, he published books, developed unique inventions, initiated and managed numerous innovative and lasting programs that continue to contribute to society’s improvement today, while sculpting, painting pictures, and composing poetry and prose. He significantly contributed to communities where he resided, remaining heavily involved promoting the advancement of Christianity, moral family values, and the welfare of surrounding communities. He provided sound mentoring for youth through teaching morally positive and caring family values, e.g. Christian Churches, Kiwanis International, Boy Scouts of America, Disabled American Veterans, and American Legion, with an ever-driving intent to improve his beloved country and this confused, needy world. Batson said, ”We must be forever practicing sound and historically proved positive actions, giving attention to what not to do by studying, understanding, and avoiding humankind’s past historical mistakes. Following Almighty God’ template for humankind’s life would be an excellent start.”

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