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Where Are The Miracles? by Dr. Rod O'Neil

Where Are The Miracles?

by Dr. Rod O'Neil

Pages: 250

Dimensions: 6 x 9

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ISBN : 9781662888427

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There is a lot of confusion surrounding how, or even if, God is working miraculously today. Between continuationism, the belief God still works supernatural miracles today, and cessationism, where God no longer works supernatural wonders, there are scholarly professionals on both sides of the fence. How can Christian discern what to believe in our day?
In Where are The Miracles?, Dr. Rod O’Neil takes a logical approach to this diverse and controversial subject on supernatural miracles and wonders. Dr. O’Neil presents the various arguments and positions and identifies the assumptions and biases we all might have on this particular doctrine. These “old wineskins” have to be challenged before a true doctrinal position can be developed. Presented are supernatural healings and other wonders recorded in Scripture, alongside the healings within the Church and throughout church history. He compares the so-called miraculous wonders of the post-apostolic era to those of the first century apostolic era, and from this, we are better able to assess if and when God is working or will work supernaturally in our day and age.
God still works healings and miracles today, but what kind? Since Christ expected His Church to grow exponentially, should we not see countless confirmed resurrections, instantaneous restorations of amputated limbs, and healings of people with Down syndrome through the ages by a God who never changes? Dr. O’Neil’s work explores why God worked supernaturally in the past and why we only see providential wonders today, which do not violate God’s established laws of nature and physics. It’s clear that we will not see supernatural wonders again until the two witnesses identified in Revelation 11 come on the world scene. Otherwise, the wonders they will perform over a short 3.5 years will not be all that wondrous.

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Rod O’Neil lives in Mount Washington, Kentucky with his wife, Karen. He is a former U.S. Marine and defense contractor, is now a business consultant, and enjoys teaching, writing, and cross-country bicycle trips. Raised in a Catholic family, Rod accepted Christ in an experienced-based Pentecostal church, and now enjoys the fellowship, worship, and sound bible teaching found in more bible-centric churches.

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