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God Didn't Want Him to Die Today by Bro. Mac Whitnel

God Didn't Want Him to Die Today

by Bro. Mac Whitnel

Pages: 342

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - General
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  • RELIGION - Christian Living - Personal Memoirs

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662895005

Price : $33.99

God didn’t want him to die today is a story about an event that I was part of. I didn’t see the man be brought back to life, but we picked him up as a person having a heart attack on one of the main streets of Lexington Kentucky. We treated the man and then transported him to St. Joseph Hospital. I was into my sixteenth year of being a paramedic/Firefighter for the Lexington Fire Dept. It was this first aid run that opened up my eyes to the fact there is a God of this Universe. I understand people will be skeptical of my claims that are written in this book, but each event in my life where I can now see where God was with me from the time that I was in the fourth or fifty grade until this current day. I couldn’t put the events together until much later into my life when reflecting back I can now see where God/Jesus/Holy Spirit had direct interaction in so many areas where the decision to do what is right was scripted by God. It is not possible for me to know what is going to happen tomorrow much less in another place and another time. So read the book and decide for yourself if the Holy Spirit has been leading for the last 60 plus years.

William M Whitnel, (Mac),  was born in Louisville KY in 1951. A post war child who grew up in a time that had so many firsts along with a lot of the problems that have pledged our society for hundreds of years. This is Mac’s first book, and the full knowledge that he is clueless to what’s going to happen tomorrow but also understands that he is on a journey for God to where ever he is needed for the sake of others.

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