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The Destruction of Liberty by Jon Anthony Hauser

The Destruction of Liberty

Creating the American Socialist Aristocracy

by Jon Anthony Hauser

Pages: 408

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • POLITICAL SCIENCE - Commentary & Opinion
  • HISTORY - Civilization
  • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS - Government & Business

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662897542

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ISBN : 9781662897559

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Why do the self-proclaimed progressives always come to power using the rhetoric of fairness, equity, and inclusion, but almost inevitably end up looking down upon the rest of us from an ivory tower? Meanwhile, those they claim to champion, especially those at the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum, sink ever deeper into the abyss of dependence on government largesse, failing public schools, crime-ridden streets, and economic stagnation? It’s because these people are actually socialists in disguise, creating a new feudal hierarchy with themselves as the new aristocrats.
Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, and others constantly rail against the “evils” of capitalism, yet they do not hesitate to exploit it for their own personal gain at every opportunity. This book examines all of this and more through the lenses of history, politics, economics, culture, spirituality, and sometimes just common sense. It will also survey the landscape of current events and social trends to explain how these “progressives actually seek to deceive the American public, with the very intention of bringing about a “regression” to a darker age from the past.

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Jon was raised on a dairy farm in Northern Wisconsin before attending Monmouth College in Illinois after high school. By the age 21 he was graduated cum laude with degrees in Political Science and History, awarded Departmental Honors, and was named a Senate Scholar by that institution. Jon was also inducted into the Phi Alpha Theta international historical honor society. Following his collegiate years, Jon spent the next decade immersed in the ultra-competitive arena of politics and political campaigns. It was in this rough and tumble arena that he developed the conviction that the United States of America is careening headlong down the road to its own destruction. Frustrated by the refusal of politicians and the career bureaucrats to put the interests of the people ahead of their own ideological bias and personal motives, Jon joined the private sector. However, he continued to nurture his other great passion, history. He has written and published two historical novels that explore life during the time of the First Crusade, Road to Byzantium and Beyond Byzantium. Jon looks forward to focusing once again on his scholarly pursuits in the field of history, but the events and cultural trends of recent years have compelled him to voice his concerns about the future of America. This is his petition to the nation. “If we humans, deeply flawed as we all are, blithely persist in discounting the evidence presented to us by our own history, we do so at the peril of our own lives and liberties. But even worse, we will do so at the peril of the future generations to come.” -Jon Anthony Hauser

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