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No Fear, No Doubt, No Worry by Lori Jane Hawkins

No Fear, No Doubt, No Worry

by Lori Jane Hawkins

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Inspirational
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth

Need God to physically heal you?
Ready to walk by faith in Christ; not by sight no matter what happens?
Tired of worrying about tomorrow needing to find true peace?
Living in fear of death?
Lori Hawkins addresses all these questions and more in his powerful book of pain and perseverance. She grew up in a small rural farming town in central Illinois. As a single parent, she earned two Bachelor Degrees in Science. She worked until becoming very ill around the age of 48. Not able to work, she needed major surgery at 51. Her body shut down immediately after that surgery. Six weeks later, she became jaundiced and was diagnosed with end-stage liver disease (cirrhosis). Her illness progressed rapidly leading to doctors telling her she needed a liver transplant to survive. Discover what happened and how God intervened in her body, soul and spirit. Discover for yourself how to…
Fight fear with love. 
Fight doubt with trust. 
Fight worry with faith.
“This biblically rooted book is filled with Lori’s candid experiences, with practical faith and wise application of God’s wisdom for you! Read it and give copies to everyone you know facing chronic or terminal illness.”
 — Dr. Larry Keefauver, Bestselling Author of When God Doesn’t Heal Now.
Join Lori in her pilgrimage from Sin City to finding her way back home and back to God. Discover the strength and power that God has given you to get through any adversity. 
How do you respond to your trials and tribulations?
What belief system do you have anchoring you in a storm?
Have you reached your place of ultimate helplessness?
How would you describe where you currently reside in your faith, trust, and love of our heavenly Father?
Immense gratitude goes to the entire staff at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago, Illinois and the Kovler Transplant clinic for their compassion, dedication, and awe-inspiring patient care.

Author Photo

Lori Hawkins is an Ambassador for Christ, UNOS Ambassador for Organ Donation, battling a non-curable bile duct disease. Lori’s life stance is, “Now I live to serve the Lord and do the work of God.”

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