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by Dan Robertson

Pages: 82

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • JUVENILE FICTION - Religious - Christian - General
  • RELIGION - Christian Education - Children & Youth
  • FICTION - Christian - Fantasy

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498415668

Price : $12.49

“The storm increased its ferociousness. It was a giant vortex: a whirlpool of anger and hatred. Suddenly, all went quiet, and everything was pitch black. The hairs on Zoe’s head stood up. The cold icy hand of death was all around her. She felt like her life had been crushed out of her and she gasped to breathe—but only for a split moment. There in front of her was Jesus. He was no longer on the cross but standing tall and strong. From him in all directions radiated glory fire. He shone like ten thousand thousand suns, and still that wasn’t bright enough to describe the radiance that came from him. His brilliance pierced the darkness and the darkness could not help but flee. He was like a supernova!”
For generations heaven has watched and waited… for the champions to arise—the ones with the heart of the Father, crying out for mercy and justice. Join Zoe as she is transported to the moment that Jesus dies on the cross. Travel into realms of glory and discover the mystery of the Tower of Light. Receive the key of heaven—the revelation that will set Jesus’ captive Bride free…who is this Bride and why has no one rescued her?
Dan’s heart is to see a passionate generation of children ignited to be radical lovers of Jesus. Children are hungry for truth and want to experience the reality of God for themselves—dreams, visions, angelic encounters, signs and wonders. The seven books in the Zoe Pencarrow series will inspire, awaken and release the hearts of children and adults to God’s amazing love, encouraging them to take hold of their “God destiny”, and become the champions they are called to be. Dan is delightfully married, works in the marketplace and is involved in issues of social justice.
Review from Book 3—Zoe Pencarrow and the Falling Star
“…an uplifting work of powerful creative imagination…”
Dr Bill Rigden
Elder, and former Business as Mission Director
World Horizons

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