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Zoe Pencarrow and THE GOLDEN CAGE


Pages: 110

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • JUVENILE FICTION - Religious - Christian - General
  • RELIGION - Christian Education - Children & Youth

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781628711769

Price : $13.49

The epic adventure continues. Zoe is thrust into a situation so wild she wonders if she will ever make it out alive! Her commission: “Find the lost ones, and bring them into the Father’s House.” But can Zoe really deliver them? And will the amazing gifts and her old friend the eagle be enough to rescue them? 
Join Zoe as she encounters fiery angelic beings clothed in the glory of heaven. Walk with Zoe and Jesus on the crystal sea. Discover the Father’s most precious gift, shining with the radiance and brilliance of a thousand suns. 
Enter realms of darkness and fire—a place of eternal burning and suffering. Surely Jesus’ love can save her? After all, he promised Zoe never to leave her or forsake her.
Will Zoe ever be able to complete her mission and escape... and what is the mystery of the golden cage?
Dan Robertson’s heart is to see a generation of children ignited with passion to be radical lovers of Jesus. The seven books in the Zoe Pencarrow series are part of Dan’s journey to inspire and awaken the hearts of children and adults alike to God’s amazing love, so they take hold of their destiny and become all that they are called to be. Dan also works in the marketplace, and is involved in issues of social justice.
Reviews from Book 1- Zoe Pencarrow and the River of life:
“...a rich feast…a world of wonder…boundless creativity and colour…”
Dr Robert Reeve, Founder, World Horizons France
“…an engaging story of high adventures…a masterful storyteller… (readers) will find themselves longing to love Jesus even more”
Linda Valen, Ministry Director Master Potter Ministries
“…opens the eyes of our hearts so that the Word of God comes alive”
Monika Flach, Kingdom Impact

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