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THE KINGDOM SERIES: The Holy Grail by John David Harwood


The Blood of the Words of the Lamb of God

by John David Harwood

Pages: 160

Dimensions: 5.83 x 8.27

  • BIBLES - God's Word - Study
  • EDUCATION - Leadership
  • HISTORY - World

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545601945

Price : $15.49

The story of Christ is one that needs to be available for all to read. When we consider the Words of the Lamb of God, we recognize that Jesus is fully present in our lives today. His sacrifice was one beyond our understanding and is one that leads us into a new way of gaining the ability to transform into a Heavenly being. He has the ability to give you power through the Holy Spirit

Author Biography:
John David Harwood is a professional writer from Tyler, Texas, where he was born and raised. He has been involved in missions and many other various fields of training over the course of his life. John David attended Texas Christian University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Studies.

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