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(Not All Have Blissful Ends!)

by Maxine Rose Gladden

Pages: 276

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Inspirational
  • RELIGION - Christian Ministry - Adult
  • FICTION - African American - Christian

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545639733

Price : $29.99

“Two Paths, Separate Surprising Destinations”, is the second sequel to Ms. Maxine Rose Gladden’s initial work, “A Saintly Journey Home”. Ms. Gladden has received commendations regarding her first two labors of love! (The first sequel is, “A Heaven Bound Proselyte”.) If all that she has written por-trays experiences of these past two to three generations (1940’s through 2000’s), undoubtedly, this third work would be the one over the others! This is because anyone familiar with the great John Bunyan’s God-fearing enduring masterpiece, “The Pilgrim’s Progress”, would readily know that her first work borrows from the allegorical style of Mr. Bunyan’s work, while the last two are structured in more of a novelistic format. Nevertheless, all three are laden with Scriptural citations. God’s Holy Word, The Bible, is used as the foundational goal of each one of Ms. Gladden’s literary works, to cause the reader to recognize its relevance for each present-day human being throughout the world. 
The Lord Jesus Christ makes Ms. Gladden much aware of the grievous plight of lost souls in sin, dwelling in our communities today, through her daily ministry. They wonder about our Almighty God’s care. And, if He does, then why is there so much pain and turbulence covering the globe today, especially where our children are concerned? One cannot help hearing skeptical comments question-ing the practicality of The Bible to effectually halt humankind’s downward spiral, before all is completely lost. By the grace of The Lord God, the sincere answers provided in this book, should at least testify that God has already spoken and revealed all that we need to know for this life, and of the eternal life to come, concerning heaven and hell. 
As for Ms. Gladden’s personal background, she is, 1) God the Father’s secured and appreciative daughter-servant, 2) God the Son’s co-heir bondservant, and 3) God the Holy Spirit’s tabernacle/residence, progressively being conformed to the Lord Jesus Christ’s image, for her eternal celestial home. Furthermore, she is the blessed mother and grandmother of four unique and beloved souls that make motherhood worth her while! 
You are invited to kindly pay close attention to the principles of each scenario expressed in this sequel. And while you do, please ask The Lord God to minister to your heart what He desires to instill and use from it. According to God’s will, be saved, be blessed and be inspired! 

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