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JESUS IS! Why life isn't futile by A. Arthur Pinno

JESUS IS! Why life isn't futile

Knowing Him -- Loving Him -- Preparing for His Return

by A. Arthur Pinno

Pages: 320

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - Biblical Studies - Jesus, the Gospels & Acts
  • EDUCATION - Home Schooling

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545645765

Price : $17.99

JESUS IS! Why life isn’t futile
“JESUS”–“YESHUA”–“YEESOOS”–“JESU”— the Name that has been and is being formed by more lips than any other name. Many spew the Name of JESUS with contempt, hatred, and rage, even while denying His reality. Simultaneously, many others in every corner of our world lift up His Name in love with prayer, praise, and thanksgiving. 
While many today are being deceived into believing that JESUS is not unusual—that He’s just one among many false deities in humanity’s history—many others in every nation, tribe, and family around our world are coming to know Him and the love, joy, peace, and hope that only He can give. Once you know the real, eternal, and historical JESUS testified to by GOD’s HOLY SPIRIT, you will understand why people all over our world are singing and proclaiming His praise and glory.
Who is He?
What did He do in His brief life on earth 2000 years ago?
What did He preach and teach?
Why did He die on a cross?
Did He really rise from the dead?
Where is He now and what is He doing?
Is He really coming back to our world?
How can we prepare for His return?
Knowing JESUS clarifies the confusion that permeates our world today— producing hope amid despair and joy in place of distress.
JESUS is the way to a fulfilling and eternal life!

Author Photo

A. Arthur Pinno is the director of Ends of the Earth Courier for CHRIST, a ministry dedicated to sharing the grace and truth of CHRIST in word and deed in Canada, the United States, Russia, India, and other ends of the earth as GOD leads.

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