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why evolution isn\'t


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GOD IS! why evolution isn’t
demonstrates how the nature/character of GOD is the death knell to the modern mythology of evolution, as it is to all human mythologies.
There is much confusion among Christians and the general public regarding creation and evolution and what each implies about the nature of GOD. This book by A. Arthur Pinno seeks to bring Biblical clarity to many of the questions that people have in this area.
•    Does the universe testify to the glory of GOD?
•    Is GOD’s signature found in every cell?
•    GOD vs. Nothing: Where do you think everything came from?
•    Are humans mutated apes?
•    How does dinosaur blood reveal a young earth?
•    How does the relativity of time impact the age of the universe?
•    Is evolution a massive worldwide conspiracy of scientists?
•    Is theistic evolution a bridge between Christianity and science?
•    What are the basic assumptions of evolution?
•    What are the fruits of the evolutionary tree?
•    Were Adam and Eve real people?
•    What did JESUS believe about creation and the flood?
•    Who is GOD and how can anyone actually know Him?
•    Could a GOD of love create hell?

Author Photo

A. Arthur Pinno is the director of Ends of the Earth Courier for CHRIST, a ministry dedicated to sharing the grace and truth of CHRIST in word and deed in Canada, Russia, India, Burundi and other ends of the earth where GOD leads. He has been a pastor for over twenty-five years, serving in both Canada and the United States. For the past six years, he has also served as president of the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations, Canada. He and his wife, Dorothy, have been blessed with four children and presently live in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.

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