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Forty Years with Jesus In The Backseat by Larry West

Forty Years with Jesus In The Backseat

by Larry West

Pages: 158

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545670545

Price : $15.49

Laughing at one’s self-owned mistakes is definitely a virtue. Not having that virtue will drag you to the bottom like dregs in a barrel of wine.
The title of this book depicts my life claiming to be a Christian but without keeping God first in everything.  The book is both humorous and sad and in some cases unsettling to certain readers.
I was born again at the age of nine and am now, well older, and with the exception of about fifteen years I was faithful in church, paid my tithes and was active in church even teaching Sunday school. Once I walked out the church doors I felt I had paid my fire insurance premium or filled my duty until next Sunday.
God blessed me with multi talents. Several of these talents, by world standards I placed into action with some degree of success. I was an award-winning auto sales trainer teaching psychology of sales and how to swindle fine God loving people out of their money by paying too much for their car. That will be the thing I dread most standing before Jesus if he confronts me with it. I earned and hold an airplane pilots license, I played drums in a honky-tonk band, for seven years I owned and operated an advertising agency which included graphic designing requiring quality ads to meet standards for popular named publications as well as write and produce television commercials, from scratch, which included filming and editing video. 
Can you imagine how valuable these talents would have been in the service of our lord?
I wrote this book as an inspiration by God to reach the hearts of people who can’t imagine their lives with Jesus in total control. 

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