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Looking Back

by Larry West

Pages: 112

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY - Personal Memoirs

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781631297151

Price : $13.49

As a Summary for this book of humorous short stories let me explain my purpose for writing it. My children were raised in a broken home by their Mom leaving them short of knowledge of my background. There are tons of true stories regarding my growing through my childhood years. To the best of my memory these stories are true and very funny. By reading the one story about The Old Western Saloon you will see my imagination at its peak. On that day and at that time it was very real to me especially knowing I was not supposed to be where I was.
These are by no means all the stories of my life during my adolescent years but There’s enough to place a smile on your face as you read it. I was very curious during my adolescent years and I could not let any opportunity pass me by that had a touch of interest without me at least exploring it’s possibilities of intriguing content. 
My life consisted of one huge question after another prompting all my nearest friends to nickname me, Lawyer West a name I lived with until I was Thirty years old. 
With this in mind I hope and trust that you will very much enjoy reading my book.

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My name is Larry West and my hobby is writing short stories. I was born in Fair Oaks, Arkansas to Woodrow and Theda West. The calendar had not been invented at the time therefore I cannot tell you the year. 
My hobbies in the past has been anything because I tried a little of everything and was moderately successful at a few things. I hold a private pilots license, I once played drums in a Honky-Tonk band, was sought after as an automobile sales trainer and I accomplished several other things which was my way of dodging God’s calling me to serve in his ministry since my early teens.

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