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School of Mentoring and Leadership I/ The Act of Mentoring: by Dr. Pauline Walley

School of Mentoring and Leadership I/ The Act of Mentoring:

Mentoring a Strongman for a Stronghold; Stirring Up, Activating and Imparting Talents and Abilities

by Dr. Pauline Walley

Pages: 124

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • RELIGION - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781600348457

Price : $13.49

Everyone has talents and abilities that need to be developed
in order for a person to achieve an ambition. Many people
are bedeviled by unfulfilled dreams and are wallowing in familiar
oppression and depression. This book will help you to locate and
choose a mentor, who will help you to discover and develop your
abilities that will lead you into fulfilling your ambition. This course
will teach and draw you closer to your destiny. Stay blessed and
enjoy the Act of Mentoring.
Dr. Pauline Walley is an ordained prophetevangelist
who teaches the Word of God with dramatic
demonstrations. She is anointed by the Holy Spirit to
teach the gospel of healing and deliverance and to impart
the message of love and joy to the people.
Dr. Pauline travels to various parts of the world, ministering in
churches, crusades, revivals and seminars in various academic institutions,
as well as speaking to professional bodies. She is also talented in writing,
drama, poetry and composing songs. Some of her musical works are also
on record. She is also the author of twelve other books.

Author Photo

Dr. Pauline is the President of Pauline Walley Evangelistic Ministries
and Christian Communications as well the Director of the School of
Intensive Training for Leadership Equipment that includes the School
of Deliverance in New York. The School trains ministers, groups and
individuals all over the world. Before her call into full-time ministry,
Pauline Walley, who holds a Masters degree in Journalism, was one of
the few women in Sports Journalism. Dr. Pauline holds her PhD in Pulpit
Communications and Expository Preaching.

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